Why join lastminute.com?

We hire the cleverest, friendliest, boldest, funniest, kindest people around. Then we do our damnedest to make sure there’s nowhere they’d rather be.

Our fantastic package helps with that. A generous pension plan, medical insurance, life assurance, staff discounts and more. Check out our rewards page for more details.

But this is how we really live up to our five key qualities:


It might be because we’re a terribly fashionable place to work. Or maybe it’s because we do our best to help our people become lastminute.com superstars. In fact, on average, one of us moves into a new role or gets a promotion every three days.

What makes people TRUST us

From humble beginnings to a household name, lastminute.com has grown on a foundation of integrity, trust and fun. We listen to each other and encourage everyone to have a voice, and we don’t do hierarchy – even our CEO doesn’t have an office.

What makes us INSIGHTFUL

We know how to really get to the nub of a problem, or figure out whether we could be working differently. We’ve got all sorts of workshops, group lunches, roadshows and focus groups to help our people put their heads together.


We encourage our people to bring their ideas to life. If you have an idea, a good idea, we bring it to life as fast as we can. That way if it works, we’re ahead of the game. But if it doesn’t, we haven’t wasted loads of time.

Providing Value

People love working here. We do a lot to help people thrive too. We invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in our people to help them learn new skills and make the most of the ones they’ve already got.

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