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Ilona Benes

A plumber is an expert in the installation of drainage and potable water systems. This trade is not limited to the installation of plumbing fixtures, but it also includes a variety of related services. A plumber also installs drainage systems and sewage systems. These professionals are experts in the field and should be consulted in any home improvement project.

Plumbers have made countless contributions to society. Some of the earliest inventions were made by plumbers more than three thousand years ago. Even Albert Einstein was honored as an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union in 1919. Some of the most popular video games feature plumbers such as Mario and Luigi.

A plumber should be licensed in your area. Unlicensed plumbers run the risk of damaging your property. Licensed plumbers adhere to building codes and are insured. They also follow specific guidelines when installing pipes. A plumber may need to cut holes in floors or ceilings to install pipes. They may also have to hang steel supports from ceiling joists. They should measure the pipes to ensure they fit properly.